Wave-Particle Duality of Gravitational Wave and Designed Experiment

by Open Science Repository Physics
(June, 2016)


The detection of gravitational waves (GW) demands thorough study of GW. In this article we systematically study both wave behavior and particle nature of GW in framework of Gravitodynamics and derive gravitational counterparts of Electromagnetic wave (EMW). For wave phenomena, we show: (1) intensities of GW quadrupole radiation predicted by either Gravitodynamics or by linearized General Relativity are the same, except by factor of 4; (2) the correlations between redshifts of both GW and EMW and between Hubble Constant and redshift of GW; (3) formula for relativistic quadrupole radiation. For particle nature, we demonstrate: (1) GW is quantizable; (2) The wave-particle duality of GW exists; (3) Gravitational dipole radiates Gravito-photon; (4) Dirac Sea is generalized to include gravitational charges. An experiment is proposed to detect wave-particle duality of GW. We raise two questions: (1) what is the physical mechanism of conversion of mass to GW/Gravito-photons? (2) Does GW/Gravito-photon convert to mass?

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Wave-Particle Duality of Gravitational Wave and Designed Experiment

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