Premium Publishing

Papers submitted under premium publishing are formatted by the Open Science Repository.

While express publishing works similarly to arXiv, premium publishing is similar to the PLOS publishing method.


Every paper published under premium publishing appears as an open-access page containing the full edited paper (not as a PDF paper).

Premium publishing includes formatting and editing of the paper, spell-check and grammar improvement, scientific review based on the philosophy of science of Karl Popper and full content of the paper in HTML format.

Review and publication decision

Papers submitted through premium publishing have a time period of 30 days for review and, if accepted, production.

DOI name and indexing

Accepted papers receive a DOI URL from the International DOI Foundation.

Full citation information, including journal name according to the section to which the paper is submitted (for example, Open Science Repository Physics), is also provided for each paper.

Papers are indexed by Google Search in few days and by Google Scholar in some weeks.


Papers must be original and comply with the ethical guidelines of the Open Science Repository.

Submission agreement

By uploading a paper for premium publishing in the Open Science Repository, authors adhere to this submission agreement.


Every paper is published under a Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY).

Publication fee

A publication fee is charged for each paper published under premium publishing. Click here to read the current pricing policy.

Submission process

Before submitting a full original paper, send preliminary information to the chosen section. An editor will evaluate whether the research paper qualifies for submission.

Instructions to prepare the paper

Follow these instructions to prepare your paper for premium submission.

Express publishing

If you need a lower cost publication option, use express publishing.