Guidelines for Premium Submission

Prepare your material according to the instructions below.

These instructions are intended for maximum simplification of the publication process.

File requirements

Format and size

The document must be a MS-Word (.doc or .docx) or OpenOffice (.odt) file. The file must be open for editing.

Use font Arial, Lato or OpenSans, size 10 for common text.

You should upload a single file containing the full content of the paper. Maximum file size is 10 MB, including all graphics.

Symbols and equations

Symbols or equations must be inserted in the text file either using the internal tools of MS-Word or OpenOffice or as a graphic object created by other software.

When the file is open as usual, equations and symbols must be at their proper place and with their proper size related to other content, exactly. Please, double-check whether all symbols and equations display properly.

Graphics, videos, etc.

Tables, charts, graphics or figures must be included in the document at the exact place authors wish them to appear in the final published paper. Note that all tables must be sent as images, not text neither common tables.

Maximum width allowed for any object is 790 pixels. Larger objects will be adapted to this size or accessed from another page through internal links. Prefer limiting width of nontextual objects to 730 pixels.

External links within the text are permitted provided they direct readers to safe, open-access, relevant web pages. For example, papers may link to external data sets and open notebook science records.

Videos and animations should be inserted as objects in the main document whenever possible. If videos or other multimedia make the file larger than 10 MB, do not insert them in the document. Instead, indicate clearly in the text where they should appear, describing the content and file size for each of them. If the paper is accepted for publication, we will instruct the corresponding author to upload them to our servers.

Required content

The uploaded document must contain this information:

  • Title of the paper (maximum of 80 characters, including spaces).
  • Authors' names.
  • Side collaborators, if any.
  • Affiliations for each author.
  • Individual contact information for each author: email is mandatory; Facebook, Twitter, ResearchGate and other social media contacts are accepted. The Open Science Repository endorses the use of ORCID IDs; authors who have an ORCID ID should use it as additional identification; authors who do not have one are encouraged to register here.
  • Abstract (better between 100 and 175 words).
  • Keywords (up to 7).
  • Main text of the paper (including all graphics).
  • References (choose one of the main citation styles; the editing process might change the style); whenever possible, include DOI URLs for each reference.
  • Any necessary disclosure about funding sources and conflicts of interests
  • Acknowledgements, if any.
  • Contact information for the whole work.

General requirements

Third-party authorizations

Do not submit names or pictures of third-party participants without their formal authorization. Do not include content whose copyright is owned by others without their formal authorization. The corresponding author must obtain and archive all documentation related to third-party authorizations.

Recommendation letters and reviews (optional)

Reviews and recommendation letters from other specialists can be sent along with the submission. Just attach them as last pages of the main document.

Publication process

We will review the submitted document. The review process takes up to 30 days.

An appraisal notice is sent to the corresponding author to inform of approval or refusal (if a notice is not received within 30 days, the paper can be considered refused). We might ask for clarifications or suggest improvements prior to the final decision.

Submission agreement

By uploading a manuscript to the Open Science Repository, authors adhere to this submission agreement.


As soon as a paper is approved, the research paper is published live on the internet.

The editing process does not change the scientific content of the paper. However, grammar and errors like misspellings or typos might be corrected.

Next step

Information for authors, next step: read the pricing policy of the Open Science Repository for premium publishing.

Express Submission

Go to the Guidelines for Express Publishing if you want to submit a paper in PDF format.