Express Publishing

Express publishing is the easiest way to publish research papers in the Open Science Repository. Express publishing works similarly to arXiv, the publishing resource for pre-prints in Physics and Mathematics.


The Open Science Repository is a platform that adds to each paper full features of papers published by traditional journals, like DOI name, scientific metadata and complete citation information, including journal name.

Upload papers in PDF format

Papers uploaded under express publishing have their full content presented exactly as the PDF file provided by the authors.

Publication decision

Review and publication decision take up to 10 days.

Section and journal name

The Open Science Repository provides citation information, including journal name according to the field of science to which the paper is submitted (for example, Open Science Repository Physics).

DOI and indexing

All papers receive a distinct DOI URL from the International DOI Foundation.

Google Search indexes papers published in the Open Science Repository within few days and Google Scholar indexing usually takes some weeks.


Papers must be original and comply with the ethical guidelines of the Open Science Repository.

Submission agreement

All authors must accept this Submission Agreement. Papers are published under a Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY).

Submission process

Before submitting a full original paper, send preliminary information to the chosen section. We will evaluate whether the research paper qualifies for submission.