Guidelines for Express Submission

Prepare your paper according to the instructions below.

File requirements

Save the paper in PDF format. OpenOffice is a good tool to save text files as PDF.

File security properties must be set to "No Security". Go to "Properties", "Security" under the File menu of your PDF reader/composer to check or change security properties.

The Open Science Repository allows only one single file for each paper. Ensure that the entire content is presented by the single PDF document that you will upload.

Maximum file size is 10 MB.

Use your preferred text editor

You can use any text editor to prepare the paper provided you are able to save the final version in PDF format.

We suggest use of font size 12 for body text.

Mandatory content

Format the paper in the way you consider most appropriate, following these instructions:

  • The first item must be the title of the paper (preferably a maximum of 80 characters, including spaces). Use a larger font size for the title.
  • The second item, below the title, must be the authors' names (firstname middlenames lastname, firstname middlenames lastname, firstname middlenames lastname...).
  • Affiliations for each author (if any). The Open Science Repository endorses the use of ORCID IDs; authors who have an ORCID ID should use it as additional identification; authors who do not have one are encouraged to register here.
  • Abstract (preferably between 100 and 175 words). Use fragment "Abstract:" to introduce the text.
  • Keywords (up to 5, comma separated). Use fragment "Keywords:" to introduce them.
  • The main content of the paper (including all graphics, tables and other objects). It can be divided (optional) into these sections explained here, in order to comply with the problem-centered view of science described by Karl Popper.
  • Any necessary disclosure(s) regarding funding sources and conflicts of interests.
  • Acknowledgements, if any.
  • References (choose one of the recognized citation styles).

External links are not allowed

For security reasons, clickable links to external websites are forbidden. If a reference to an external online content is necessary, it must be indicated using common text, without a clickable link.

Navigation links internal to the paper or to other papers in the repository are allowed.

Third-party content

Do not include third-party content or pictures of other people without obtaining their formal permission. By accepting the submission agreement of the Open Science Repository, authors warrant that they have obtained necessary authorization from copyright holders of every third-party content.

Language, spelling and grammar

The Open Science Repository accepts papers written in English, French, Spanish or Portuguese.

Since no content of the submitted PDF paper is changed, spelling and grammar adequacies are responsibilities of the authors. Authors are encouraged to use language-editing and copy-editing services to improve presentation of their papers.

Submission agreement

By uploading a manuscript to the Open Science Repository, authors adhere to this Submission Agreement.

Publication decision

The Open Science Repository moderates every submitted paper. The moderation and publication processes take up to 10 days on average. Depending on the field to which the paper is submitted, this time period can be shorter or longer.

An appraisal notice is sent to the corresponding author to inform of approval and publication. We might ask for clarifications or suggest improvements prior to the final decision.

Corrections and withdrawals

Once a paper is published, authors can no longer modify or withdraw it from the repository.

If the authors need to publish corrections, deletions or additions to the paper, they must publish them as another paper, following the full submission process, or as an open review comment.

Submit your paper

Click here to submit the paper: Submit Online.