The Birth of the Universe and the Following Expansion

by Open Science Repository Astronomy
(December 2013)


It is inferable that the birth of the universe is caused by the pair creation of photon and anti-photon based on the time-energy uncertainty relation. Since photon Fνµ and anti-photon Fνµ are corresponding to positive and negative energy respectively, we can conclude that the Universe was born as the pair of photon and anti-photon. Then the photon and the anti-photon must be come into the world simultaneously. Since Fνµ = - Fνµ, they will be transmitted as an ordinary photon. If the primeval time interval is Planck-time, the primeval 4-dimensional energy can be estimated as E ≈ 10147 GeV. The transformation from the primeval photon (laser) to neutron is considered tooccur by SSB, and it can be derived that the transformation occurredat the time 10-11 seconds after the birth of the Universe.

Keywords: cosmological model, origin of universe, time-energy uncertainty relation, CMBR.

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The Birth of the Universe and the Following Expansion

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