Timeless Existence

by Open Science Repository Physics
(January, 2013)

Abstract: Time is an incomprehensible idea even though we live all our life by it. The more we try to understand time the more we feel ourselves swayed away from it. The idea of zero time change is even more confusing. How can anything exist as timeless? I do not have the answer. But as intricate is the design of creation of the universe, there could be ways of nature of introducing zero change in time. Under certain circumstances, conditions and properties of objects and space, time can become timeless. In my research paper I have attempted to try to understand those hidden rules of nature through some basic formula in physics. From the formulas I have derived that nature allows such a special state of time if a body’s mass is completely zero or if it has absolutely zero velocity. Both conditions are very complicated, because obtaining zero mass is just as complex as obtaining zero velocity. In order to understand gracious ‘time’, may be these two complex riddles are only the primary steps.

Keywords: timeless, velocity, massless, absolute zero velocity.

Full text

doi: 10.7392/Physics.70081918

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