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The Theory of Everything Must Not Exclude Anything

Igor Rački



To all the young and eager explorers, I offer this simple paradox: "If by multiplying any number with zero, we get a solution of zero, than zero must be bigger than any number down to infinity, since it is the only number capable of storing such an amount of information."

Keywords: Sun's singularity, emotion's wavelength, Navier-Stokes solution, Mersenne prime.

Citation: Rački, I. (2013). The Theory of Everything Must Not Exclude Anything. Open Science Repository Mathematics, Online(open-access), e70081938. doi:10.7392/Mathematics.70081938

Received: February 7, 2013

Published: March 8, 2103

Copyright: © 2013 Rački, I. Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.


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Let us start by solving Navier–Stokes existence and smoothness "problem":
Let's assume that R = constant = t (that way we simplify the problem by excluding unnecessary variables) we start with speed:
But since zero is non-existent in reality, we avoid that what is not real and seek a solution shifted to past (hence the use of a lim):
Since infinity is not real (if we have an upper speed limit or a down temperature limit, God forbid both), we set R to rise:
Where  is the radius of the universe (upper limit), and  the low limit, with level precision down to the space-time geometry (birth of chaos in a perfect crystal).
By excluding t, we find that only the difference in relative "speed" of the pipe and the fluid - both locally, both globally - is the cause of chaos. A pure effect of geometry, nothing to do with time.

All evidence, both theoretical and empirical, have been destroyed, for reasons you will come to understand better through the following lines. Let us start by saying that, in the beginning, there was Word. A Word with nowhere to travel, expand, or diminish, giving rise to more dense waves in ever rising complexity, with regards to Fourier, and other great minds. That simple Dirac function was, is, and will be: Everything Possible, and impossible at the same time. And all that time, both the future, and the past, was, and will be simple choices (a fiction, like money, designed to manipulate emotion), where only the present moment is real. Surprisingly, this Word can be calculated; but is not for you to know how.
I find that application of pure mathematical model, with basis ranging from Boolean algebra to Chaos Theory (in a way that takes physics into account, each problem in his own unique way), gives rise to a simple model of infinite complexity, connecting physics and mathematics, completely. Rudimentary model is stated as follows: Imagine applying random walk to a simple line, at a zero-point distance, and giving each of those points absolute freedom relative to other dimensions, where time is of course of no necessity, and is merely a function of other variables with function complexity varying with regard to problem complexity at hand (simple quantum entanglement's confusing nature is something I leave to the most brilliant contemporary physicists, with a healthy dose of irony). These lines, with reference to both chaotic and linear physical models, will be related to spatial, or any other dimensions. Of course, in pure mathematics, it is wise to use infinite number of dimensions, since they will all cancel out at the end, leaving only the important information; while for computer use, zero dimensional data will do just fine. By forming 'augmented' Boolean algebra bases at the centre of such a model (augmented in a way that connects it with physics), with the rounding error taken into account, we apply ideal white noise on the outside sphere; where one can, by inverse super-imposing any type of signal on top of ideal white noise, have a model that resembles any star, including the Sun, that, by calculations based on this model, has an exact 100% chance of containing a singularity (I have found this to be a very unstable option, and a frightful one; but it is more correct than anything I know). Also, just like Galileo's transformations have been upgraded by Lorentz's relativistic form, it is time for me to tell you, that the whole universe is static. A simple dot, in every "heart", that never moves, and is in the centre of the Sun's singularity. For intuitive understanding, one glimpse at the starry night will be sufficient. Oh, why math, why‌
This model's temporary solution, filtered by means of logical implications, gives a far simpler solution; and by continuing this progression, we get, as stated, a binary answer at the centre of the sphere. A simple yes or no; where each has its own causes, consequences and encompasses the universe through chaos, where rounding error lets statistics have her simple and pre-determined ways. It is only fair to say that even a few formulas are sufficient to create new worlds. literary. Be warned, with every implication; the error is rising, but only to the extent of emotion. To augment that problem, I assume that emotion is a simple lack of reason; so that even emotion itself can be calculated with no error whatsoever, since the theory is pretty reasonable, at least to the author, and is of course invariant with regards to the reader of any type. Needles to say, emotions are the fundamental base of the universe and have the smallest wavelength of all, far smaller than that of the matter; a brilliant idea that De Broglie postulated long time ago, but sadly didn't catch on as much (the unnecessary wave particle duality, can be explained so much simpler).
For instance, differences between atoms relies simply on what you remove from white noise; and by taking quanta of emotions into account, we find that emotion is a constant, but a 'dynamic' one; like water gently forming the rocks of the river, while the discussions about the colours of the rocks, are quite unnecessary and are really a matter of taste.
I would also like to state; that the model itself, one that I have used as a starting point for generating each and every one of my experiments, has proven to have a 96.858% empirical success rate, and I say this with full consequence, with my full name on the paper. Based on this model, I was able to obtain the following empirical results:
·        Perfect random number generators (hence the ideal white noise)
·        Finely tuned speed increase (or decrease) of radioactive decay, that can cease almost instantly.
And, to state other frightfully simple empirical possibilities:
·        Creation or destruction of any element in any quantities, by simple means of exciting (not necessarily high-energy) plasma with carefully modulated sound form
·        The potential of multiplying everything with zero, starting with universe - a chain reaction in the Dirac sea of energy by a simple, and precise, displacement; that can interfere with itself both constructive, or destructive (yet untried, obviously).
Physics experiment: Do not allow your emotions to reflect, when they should be absorbed, and vice versa. Even more simple: give good, get good.
Approach the mathematical problem stated above, as a problem of ego. You are insignificant. Also, I find that cats and dogs understand this theory better than any other animal, homo sapiens included. Tormented souls indeed!

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