The actual philosophy of science of Karl Popper beyond all misunderstandings

by Francisco Oliveira
(Open Science Repository Philosophy)

Abstract:The philosophy of science of Karl Popper is widely misunderstood and misrepresented. Many people do not read Karl Popper directly from his own works; instead, they read interpreters and commentators that have not read Popper’s original books and articles as well. The original philosophy of science of Karl Popper, however, is the most important piece of thought of the last century, and all those misunderstandings stand only for the delay of such recognition and the benefits that humankind can derive from it. In this work, the main points of Popper’s philosophy of science, presented by 41 theses logically concatenated, is summarized. Although this list can be considered an interpretation, it is an authentic attempt to describe his original ideas, learned from his multiple works.

Keywords: Karl Popper, philosophy of science, epistemology.

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doi: 10.7392/OpenScienceRepository.Philosophy.2012.08191970

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