Teaching the Architecture Project: Educational Practices and Communication Competences

by Open Science Repository Architecture
(December, 2012)

Abstract: The present paper debates the "communication" aspect in the apprenticeship of the architectural project. Firstly, we explain the meaning of the term "competence" that we borrow from education sciences. Then we expose the communication competences necessary for the practice of the project according to the points of view of the authors interested by the matter. These competences should be the object of apprenticeship in architectural education, though that is not the case in several schools of architecture. In a second part, we present the results of the investigation analysis of teaching practices implemented for the teaching of the fifth year projects (final project) at the department of architecture of the University of Constantine, Algeria. This analysis has confirmed that these practices do not permit to develop all communication competences of students and, consequently, do not prepare enough the future architect to impose himself as a proposal force facing different actors of the project. This confirms in fact our concerns about the apprenticeship of the project of architecture regarding communication aspects.

Keywords: pedagogy, architectural project, competence, communication, actor.

Full text

doi: 10.7392/Architecture.70081915

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