Talking About the Nature of God

by Open Science Repository Religion and Theology
(April 2013)


God’s nature remains a mystery in our human mind, God is Transcendent yet he is Imminent. God is Omnipresent and Omniscient. God is Nameless, yet can be called by many names or titles. God is changeless, yet He was incarnated our finite mind or intellect cannot understand his nature. We need caution and humility in our endeavour to talk or discuss God’s nation. To be able to talk appropriately about God do not do so in literary terms. Use analogous terms, to talk about God, because out notions and Ideas about God fall short of what He really is. “If you understand Him He is not God” (St Augustine. Sermon 52, 16, PL38, 360). “What man can do is to keep searching for God until the grave when we are privileged with the beatific vision to see God face to face”.

Keywords: God, nature, talking, analogy.

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Talking About the Nature of God

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