Sovereign Preference Shares or the Magic Potion of Economists in the 21st Century

by Open Science Repository Economics
(July 2015)


Sovereign preference shares are innovative financial instruments that we are inventing to establish capitalism that is truly inclusive for all citizens and to provide the state with additional non-fiscal, non-reimbursable and potentially unlimited financial resources. These are capital ownership rights equivalent to the shares of companies in the private sector, but with specific features for their adaptation to the particular status of the state. Destined to be listed on the stock market, sovereign preference shares play a role in the operational implementation of an economic policy called inclusive infinitics, which allows to achieve the pure and perfect elimination of poverty and inequality (cf Open Science Repository Economics, May 27, 2015, e45011831). As incredible as this may sound, these new financial instruments mathematically give the government the ability to build a transformed and improved type of capitalism of shared prosperity, without fundamental economic poverty, inequality, or high taxation, nor sovereign debt crises such as in the case of Greece. In this sense, they may constitute a sort of magic potion of economists in the 21st century.

Keywords: inclusive capitalism, sovereign preference shares, economic inclusion, inclusive infinitics, economic policy, state, poverty, inequality, social justice, democracy.

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Sovereign Preference Shares or the Magic Potion of Economists in the 21st Century

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