Sabu Raijua of Indonesian Language Compounds

by Open Science Repository Language and Linguistics
(September 2013)


Sabu language as one of world’s language, group of Asian languages and of nine Sumba-Sabu languages group, of the five languages groups of Nusa Tenggara area with a total of 80 native languages spoken in the area. Sabu Raijua compounds taken as data for this research is one of the dialects of Sabu Language, from a special island called Raijua, with total number of about eight thousand speakers with descriptive qualitative method. The result of the research shows that there are six types of Sabu Raijua language compound types found as: (1) Noun and Noun compounds, (2) Noun and Verb compounds, (3) Verb and Noun compounds, (4) Verb and Verb compounds, (5) Noun and Adjective compounds and (6) Adjective and Noun compounds. As far as compound’s meaning across the literature review, a compound is a lexical item in which two roots combine to make one unit. It implies that Sabu Raijua Dialect compound is different than other languages because its compounds consist of combination of two words only.

Keywords: language, dialect, compound word, Sabu, Raijua.

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Sabu Raijua of Indonesian Language Compounds

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