Reconsideration of the Uncertainty Relations and Quantum Measurements

by Open Science Repository Physics
(March 2013)


Discussions on uncertainty relations (UR) and quantum measurements (QMS) persisted until nowadays in publications about quantum mechanics (QM). They originate mainly from the conventional interpretation of UR (CIUR). In the most of the QM literarure, it is underestimated the fact that, over the years, a lot of deficiencies regarding CIUR were signaled. As a rule the alluded deficiencies were remarked disparately and discussed as punctual and non-essential questions. Here we approach an investigation of the mentioned deficiencies collected in a conclusive ensemble. Subsequently we expose a reconsideration of the major problems referring to UR and QMS. We reveal that all the basic presumption of CIUR are troubled by insurmountable deficiencies which require the indubitable failure of CIUR and its necessary abandonment. Therefore the UR must be deprived of their statute of crucial pieces for physics. So, the aboriginal versions of UR appear as being in postures of either (i) thought-experimental fictions or (ii) simple QM formulae and, any other versions of them, have no connection with the QMS. Then the QMS must be viewed as an additional subject comparatively with the usual questions of QM. For a theoretical description of QMS we propose an information transmission model, in which the quantum observables are considered as random variables. Our approach directs to natural solutions and simplifications for many problems regarding UR and QMS.

Keywords: quantum philosophy, uncertainty relations, physics.

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Reconsideration of the Uncertainty Relations and Quantum Measurements

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