Don't Get Angry to Publish Your Papers!

Publishing a scientific paper doesn't need to be painful or harder than your research. Cross the bridge with us from traditional publishing to fast open access!

To publish a paper, you don't need to

  • Find a journal among many and many of them out there.

  • Guess whether the journal is right for your research.
  • Read and understand a complicated process of paper submission.
  • Adjust your paper, which is of your own creative and professional authoring, to rules that don't fit it.
  • Wait several weeks to receive a note of rejection of your paper, or, if approved, enter into another round of new adjustments and rules.
  • Hardly get a DOI name for your paper and fast indexing in Google Scholar.

With the Open Science Repository you can

  • Choose one of the 34 sections of the repository encompassing all main science fields.
  • Be sure that your research field and subject fit well under the chosen section.
  • Follow simple rules to produce your paper and create a PDF file to submit it to the Open Science Repository.
  • Publish your PDF paper in less than 10 days from the date of the first submission.
  • Get your unique DOI URL with an "openaccess" sufix, which tells the world that your paper is not behind any paywall and anyone can access it.
  • Get citation data, including journal name and DOI URL.