Premium Submission

Please, complete the steps below to submit a paper for express publishing.

Ensure that you have prepared the paper in accordance with the guidelines to submit papers.

Submit your paper

Step 1

Click here to open and save the Submission Agreement of the Open Science Repository.

All authors must sign the agreement. Failure to provide the signatures will lead to refusal of the submission.

Authors can sign the agreement either by printing it, hand writing the signatures and scanning the signed document or by pasting a digital picture of each signature into the document (photos of signatures on a piece of white paper can be easily taken with any digital camera).

All authors must sign the same document, not one for each author. If necessary, send it for the first author to sign, then to the second and so on.

You will need to upload the signed agreement in step 2 below.

Step 2

Fill the form below, then upload the submission agreement signed by all authors and the full content of your paper.