Local Conflicts and Ethnic Relations Among Konso and Derashe of Southern Ethiopia: Case Study

by Open Science Repository Anthropology
(August 2013)


This study is an investigation of the causes of local conflict between the Konso and Derashe people of Southern Ethiopia. The principal objective of this study is to unearth the causes of the conflict between these two ethnic groups. The methodology employed relied on qualitative approach using both primary and secondary sources. The primary data was generated through both in-depth interviews and Focus Group Discussions. The study indicated that the causes of conflicts in these areas are multiple relating to economic, political, social and cultural factors like, incompatible attempt of using protected areas, a gradual weakening of indigenous institutions, inefficient mechanism of diagnosing and concomitant handling strategies of conflicts by the political authority, dalliance of justice delivery for complaints filed, and the circulations of false allegation by individuals are mentionable. Despite conflict, Konso and Derashe people have many symbiotic relations. They share similar tribal group, intermarry each other, and share common resources. The dynamics in their relations across time is associated with the involvement of various actors having incompatible interest and needs. It can be concluded that social and economic networks between Konso and Derashe have been increasingly complex; their economic interests are so interlinked despite conflicts. Efforts have been made so far to curb this conflict through formal and informal institutions but in vain. Therefore, peace building endeavors should consider the real problems and interests of the parties and address major causes of the conflicts through both changes in attitude and in the application of policies designed within the context of the region in consultation with the local people.

Keywords: Konso, Derashe, local conflict, causes, dynamics, threat, implication, peace process.

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Local Conflicts and Ethnic Relations Among Konso and Derashe of Southern Ethiopia: Case Study

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