Implementation of Public Participation as an Instrument to Improved Community Development

by Open Science Repository Public Administration
(November 2013)


The involvement of community in the matters of their development is vital for their improved life styles. This paper is about the public participation as a means to improved development of the community. In terms of chapter one of Skills Development Act; section (2); the purpose of the act are: (a) to develop skills of the South African workforce by promoting self-employment and improve the delivery of social services. To increase the levels of investment in education and training in the labour market and to improve the return on that investment. The focus of the paper is on the enforcement of public participation by the targeted community for their improved development. The various possible principles of public participation and the phases of needs with community participation where lives of people may be improved will be looked into. For example, by allowing participation, facilitation, designing, decision making, information, contributing ideas, taking responsibility and promotion of sustainable decisions.

As it is assumed that public participation is a desired and necessary part of the community development activities, it is vital to check the importance of public participation, the conditions under which community will participate and approaches to involve community in their improved development. Public participation promotes sustainable decisions by recognizing and communicating the needs and interests of all participants including decisions makers. Hence public participation is based on the belief that those.

The challenges in public participation, advantages and disadvantages will be considered in the implementation of public participation.

Keywords: community participation, community development and empowerment.

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Implementation of Public Participation as an Instrument to Improved Community Development

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