How the Open Science Repository Works

The Open Science Repository is an online platform for publication of original research.

It provides the following services for researchers, as described in the site and in the submission agreement:

  • Ethical review based on the ethical guidelines.
  • Scientific review based on the philosophy of science of Karl Popper.
  • Coding of proper metadata for the paper to be indexed by scientific resources, like Google Scholar.
  • Online publication of the paper, under a specific section of the site which corresponds for citation purposes to a journal name.
  • Licensing of the paper under a Creative Commons Attribution License.
  • Assignment of a DOI name to each paper, for persistent online access.
  • Exposure of the paper to moderated open peer review from visitors and readers.

Preliminary information

Before submitting a full original paper, send preliminary information to the chosen section. An editor will evaluate whether the research paper qualifies for submission.