Gauge/Gravity Duality and Short-Range Gravity

by Open Science Repository Physics


A basic approach for studying Gauge/Gravity Duality is proposed. We introduce the concept of Quasi-Duality; and postulate Noether-charge/gravitational-charge conjugation symmetry. For dividing Gauge/Gravity Duality into theory-to-theory Dualities (Quasi-Duality), we generalize Einstein theory to contain positive/negative gravitational charge conjugation symmetry in terms of field strength; and adopt the gravity internal Space/Spacetime correspondence to explain the conversion between spin 1 and spin 2 gauge bosons. Then we derive specific gauge-theory-to-gravity-theory Dualities (Quasi-Dualities) and Gravity theory-to-theory Dualities (Quasi-Dualities). We believe: (1) intrinsic natures disclosed by Gauge/Gravity Dualities (Quasi-Dualities) should be theory-independent; (2) Dualities (Quasi-Dualities) are transferable; (3) Quasi-Duality should advance to corresponding Duality ultimately. Based on Duality, the U(1)g Gravitodynamics (GD) is generalized to Non-Abelian GD. The U(1)g GD and U(1)g×SU(2)g GD are unified with Electroweak in the framework of gauge theory, respectively, which predict microscopic short-range gravitational force, and provides an additional mechanism of gauge bosons gaining mass.

keywords: Gauge/Gravity Duality, short-range gravity, massive gauge bosons, Einstein’s theory, Gravitodynamics.

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Gauge/Gravity Duality and Short-Range Gravity

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