Foundered No More!!

by Nancy Foster
(Promise City, Iowa , USA)

Hello, I happened upon this study while looking for an alternative treatment for Bute. The awful side effects along with the cost was outrageous. Our pony of approximately 15 years had always been healthy until one summer we put our horses in a neighbor’s pasture. She was so miserable. Bute was used first then twice and the third time she got in some rich alfalfa that was for our cows. This time she got so bad that she simply didn’t move even to get a drink. We bought the heavy cream powder from Hoosier Farms and within the first week she was showing signs of improvement. By the second week she was running like a young filly!!! She did however escape her enclosure a month later and got in the alfalfa again. Back on the heavy cream she went only this time she was better in just three days!! NEVER again will I give her Bute.

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