Development of Learning Poems Appreciation Character Model Based on STAD-Sugestopedia

by Open Science Repository Education
(May 2014)


This research is a kind of research development, this research problem is how the models of cooperative learning based on stad-suggestopedia in improving learning outcomes in poem appreciation and cultivation of character values in developing students’ learning in literary appreciation based on stad- suggestopedia for aim to increase students ' interest in characters of poetry so that the values which in the poem can build students’ character. In addition, by learning based on suggestopedia by used poem character appreciation, the teacher can make it to be fun and useful especially for developing students’ character value. The objective of the research is how to discovery of implementing guidence based on STAD-Suggestopedia learning model in poem appreciation its assessment tools that are used until the end of the research. And also, by stad-suggestopedia this study will give impact to the own students and teachers skill. To achieve until the end of the research, it will be adaptived from Plomo’s development (1997 ) which involve: initial evaluation phase , design phase, implementation phase / construction stage of evaluation / testing and review, and phases of implementation. This research has been conducted in partnership with Indonesian teachers in the development of educational learning guide the character through the appreciation of poetry based stad - Suggestopedia in the first year. The findings of this study are : ( 1 ) this learning models have been conducted by teachers in teaching poetry appreciation and improved its performance in the planning, implementation and evaluation of the learning: (2) it createed a acceleration model in learning, particularly in poetry appreciation, (3) this models have also help students to appreciate poetry and internalize the sublime values in the formation of a positive character in everyday life, (4) this model valuable in the field research, large group so that it is useful as a base for the determination in the implementation model of appreciation of poetry at all levels of education learning.

Keywords: development, appreciation, poems character, STAD-Suggestopedia.

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Development of Learning Poems Appreciation Character Model Based on STAD-Sugestopedia

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