Crop Production Practices and Adaptation to Climate Change in Ifugao Province

by Open Science Repository Agriculture
(October 2013)


This paper determined the awareness of the Ifugao farmers on climate change, its effect on the cropping practices and production cycle, and adaptation measures and strategies in response to climate change. Results show that climate change is affecting the province as indicated by altered temperature, increase in water run-off during rainy periods, change in timing of rains and decrease of water supply from sources. These are brought by human activities such as deforestation, increase in population, excessive use of chemicals and inappropriate land use management. The fruiting calendar of major agricultural crops in the province did not vary, however, change in fruit quality such as size and volume of production is observed. Adaptation strategies toward climate change utilized by the farmers include planting of different crop varieties that adapts to warmer temperature, use of irrigation system, multiple cropping and engagement in diversified economic activities. Other adaptation measures like reforestation, employment of risk mitigating tools such as crop insurance scheme policy and legislation bills, identification of natural warning systems, effective land-use plan development and awareness programs are seen by the Ifugaos as crucial adaptation measures that the government should spearhead.

Keywords: climate change, adaptation measures, Ifugao farmers, mitigating strategies.

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Crop Production Practices and Adaptation to Climate Change in Ifugao Province

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