Assess Functionality of IMCI Spatial Facility Infrastructure and Policy Utilization in Trans-Nzioa County, Kenya

by Open Science Repository Medicine
(September 2013)


Implementation of integrated management of childhood illness (IMCI), in a comprehensive and holistic approach, forms bench mark for basic child health in promoting celebration of fifth birth day for children below five years of age. Globally studies by World health organization (WHO) and United Nations for Children’s fund (UNICEF) show that 90% of Sub Saharan Africa countries as well as Kenya have benefited from IMCI program. The program in Kenya was launched in 1999, is being enhanced in line with MDG 3 of vision 2030, but a lot of benefits have not been harvested by communities at household level. Trans Nzioa District, IMCI program, was initiated a decade ago but still needs substantial support from national IMCI unit to improve basic IMCI spatial infrastructures and policy on essential drug supply and pediatrics equipment at grass root level. The study aimed to determine the level and functionality of IMCI spatial infrastructure and policy utilization in public health facilities in Trans Nzioa District. Cross sectional descriptive study was conducted by mixed data procedure. Sample size of 275 by Fisher’s was used with a proportional purposive design of sampling In quantitative, data was collected using structured questionnaire and analyzed for central tendency and spatial distribution measurements, while inferential analysis done to provide degree of freedom and measure significant relationship. In qualitative data, Key informants interviews (KII) guides, focused group discussion (FGD) guides, themes and sub themes were discussed into saturation points. The study established that, 89.9% of public facilities in District have insignificant IMCI spatial infrastructure of P values greater than 0.05, as well as majority of health facilities, at level 2 and 3 have compound spatial infrastructure with limited pediatrics’ equipment and drug supply and IMCI policy being underutilized. Push system of essential drug supply was noted on expense for the focused Pull system. Need for department of Child Healthcare and Nutrition, Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation in the District to put more measures in improving IMCI program in order to achieve both primary prevention and MDG 3 by 2030.

Keywords: holistic intervention, integrated management of childhood illness, IMCI policy, vertical program.

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Assess Functionality of IMCI Spatial Facility Infrastructure and Policy Utilization in Trans-Nzioa County, Kenya

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