Aspects of Ethnoichthyological Taxonomy of Fish Species on Sale in Fish Markets of Lagos, Nigeria

by Open Science Repository Anthropology
(February 2013)

Abstract: Artisanal fisheries remain an important source for the supply of fin and shellfish in Nigeria. With increasing levels of overfishing and a consequent reduction in numbers of certain species in fish markets, a partnership for the conservation of endangered fish species was conceived between scientists (social and life) and fisher folk. As a first line of action, it was decided to investigate the local ecological knowledge (LEK) of ethnic production and sale “professionals”, to establish the breadth and depth of their recognition of species and seasonal abundance of selected species. Attempts at investigating some of the linguistic considerations which could serve as basis for the melding of folk descriptions of local species with existing scientific nomenclature for harmonious and ultimately useful cooperative fisheries management are discussed.

Keywords: LEK, Ethnoicthyology, qualitative research, Nigeria.

Full text

doi: 10.7392/Anthropology.70081926.

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