Acceleration Shifts Wavelength

by Open Science Repository Astronomy


We show that the acceleration causes redshift, denoted it as “Acceleration-Redshift”. When a wave source is receding with not only velocity but also acceleration, the wavelength is shifted to red. The receding velocity at receiving time is larger than Doppler velocity. The total redshift is a summation of Doppler redshift and Acceleration-Redshift that enlarges continuously Doppler redshift. Moreover we derived General Redshift and General Blueshift formulas that show that not only velocity, but also acceleration, jerk, and higher order derivative shift wavelength. The General Redshift formula is identical with the cosmological redshift, which implies that the cosmological redshift intrinsically includes Acceleration-Redshift. We believe that to describe the accelerating universe, physics laws should include acceleration for accuracy and completeness.

Keyword: Doppler effect, redshift, acceleration, cosmological redshift, Blueshift.

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Acceleration Shifts Wavelength

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